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Cubertería de cocina

Parts Town has a wide variety of kitchen cutlery to keep your business slicing and dicing. You'll find everything from stainless steel carving knives that can handle any job to magnetic knife bars for knife organization to manual knife sharpeners to ensure blades stay honed. Want to make sure you get durable products that will last? We only carry commercial cutlery from brands known for quality.

Commercial Kitchen Knives

Make sure you have commercial-grade kitchen cutlery to give your employees a safe and efficient option when chopping and filleting food. Our full selection includes top-of-the-line knives and accessories like:

  • Carving Knives & Serrated Knives
  • Sanitary Knife Racks
  • Dual-Action Handheld Knife Sharpeners

From chopping fruits and vegetables to filleting fish to slicing cuts of meat, our commercial kitchen knives come from the top brands on the market to give you quality and durability. Looking for general utility? Check out our stainless steel chef's knives that are hot-drop forged and feature an alloy steel blade that won't corrode. In addition, we carry task-specific knives for carving meat, slicing bread and paring potatoes.

We also offer supplies to keep your knives sharp and protected. Our manual knife sharpeners come with a safeguard to protect kitchen staff during use. Don't forget to grab a sanitary knife rack that features an open-back design to allow for easy cleaning.