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Kold-Draft 102143301 Depósito de agua

Obsoleto KD102143301 has been replaced by: KD505110501
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Aviso de la Proposición 65

Kold-Draft 102143301 Pieza de Repuesto

A Kold-Draft 102143301 Water Tank holds water to be used in the ice-making process.

  • Real OEM water tanks and containers are designed for your specific unit to keep it running safely and efficiently
  • Fits popular ice cube maker models GB56X, GB561AK, GB561LC and more (see “FITS MODELS” below for complete list)
  • Longitud:
    18 pulgadas / 45.72 cm
  • Anchura:
    14 pulgadas / 35.56 cm
  • Altura:
    8 pulgadas / 20.32 cm
  • Peso:
    No Disponible