Hoshizaki Ice Machine Troubleshooting

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / October 18, 2012

A malfunctioning ice machine can be frustrating. Sometimes the machine gives you helpful hints like a pattern of beeps to help identify the problem, which is great! But other times, that same stubborn machine won’t bother to give you any help at all. So what are you supposed to do?

Today, we’re going to use our collection of official Hoshizaki manuals to help lay out some common diagnostic methods for your ice machines. These tips are mostly specific to Hoshizaki icemakers and ice machines, but we do have a large number of manuals for other manufacturers like Scotsman and Manitowoc available. And we’ve covered popular topics like Scotsman Ice Machine repair right here on the Parts Town blog before as well!

Problem: No Ice!


Power Supply: Our favorite, most effective maintenance/troubleshooting tip rears its head again! Check to make sure that the ice machine is properly connected and everything is in the on position. The power connection could also be loose or the contacts could be bad.

Fuse: Is the fuse blown? Check the electrical panel for a short circuit.

Door Switch: If the front panel is not in position or the actuating plate does not push the door switch, there will be no dispensing of ice. Check the position of the switch and the associated contacts and connections to make sure everything is working properly.

Gear Motor: The thermal protector of the gear motor may have been tripped – in which case you need to allow it to cool. The gear motor winding could also be opened, which requires a replacement part. There’s actually numerous issues that could happen here, so we’ll return in our next post with a more in-depth look at the gear motor and what you may need to do.

Problem: Abnormal Noise!


Gear Motor: Our friend the gear motor is back! A worn out motor or gear head could cause an abnormal noise. The only effective solution for this is replacement.

Mechanism: There could be a bad setting or alignment of the sprocket in the mechanism. These can be fixed by cleaning, oiling, and readjusting the mechanism.

Solenoid: If the solenoid is overloaded to loosening screws, there may be an abnormal noise. You’ll need to tighten the screws and apply thread sealant as necessary. Foreign matter can also cause a noise here, so if the screws look ok, try giving the part a nice cleaning.

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  1. Brett close says:

    Hoshizaki model number km-500mwh seems like it makes good ice for a day an then next day doesn’t produce ice , turn off for a few hours will produce again 1or 2 dumps depending on how long it’s off. Thermal switch?

  2. Mo says:

    Hoshizaki ice maker km600mah start and stop

  3. paul rancatore says:

    My Hoshizaki ice maker gets real hot the ice melts and if you open the door steem starts rolling out the door I un plug the machine till it cools and plug back in and it starts working again whats wrong

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