How to Clean a Hobart Meat Grinder

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How to Clean a Hobart Meat Grinder

Electric meat grinders not only save time on food prep, but they also allow you to create varieties of fresh meat. Hobart makes top-of-the-line grinders that are popular in many restaurants, shops, delis and other commercial kitchens.

If your grinder gets a lot of use, then you need to make sure it stays well maintained. Since the unit is preparing uncooked meat, you should clean it after use. Below are helpful instructions on how to clean a Hobart meat grinder.

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What You Need: 

  • Warm water or steam

  • Cleaning detergent/sanitizer

  • Soft-bristle scrub brush or scrub pad

  • Food-grade mineral oil

Step 1. Shut Off and Unplug the Unit

Start by shutting off and unplugging your grinder. All electrical power needs to be disconnected before you begin the disassembly and cleaning process.

Step 2. Seal the Receptacle

Before you start cleaning, make sure to seal off receptacle to prevent moisture from entering the area. Seal off the supplied receptacles and pendant connectors by placing the cover cap in position. Then, turn the screw-type sealing ring counter clockwise.

Step 3. Remove Components

When cleaning your meat grinder, remove the following parts and attachments:

  • Knife

  • Plate

  • Mixing arm

  • Grinder adjusting ring.

  • Cylinder and worm (in that order)

  • Side-feed hopper plug (if used)

  • Mixing arm and worm seals

The seals can be removed by grasping the outer flange or using a dull screwdriver to pry them loose. Specific removal instructions are available in Hobart MG1532 and MG2032 Meat Grinder operation manual.

Step 4. Wash Down the Grinder 

Use hot water or steam to wash your meat grinder thoroughly. Make sure to use a proper cleaning detergent or sanitizer (consult your manual for best choice) to clean your unit. Use a soft-bristle brush or non-abrasive pad to scrub any additional grime or residue. Make sure to wash and scrub your removed components as well. When you’re done cleaning, rinse your unit and components and let them air dry.

Step 5. Lubricate and Reinstall the Components

Use food-grade mineral oil to lubricate your machine’s components before reassembling. Follow the sequences below:

  • Apply the oil to the inside rim of the mixing arm and worm seals where the mixing arm and worm touch the seal.

  • Reassemble the machine’s mixing arm seal, worm seal and mixing arm and bushing retainer. Reinstall the mixing arm and worm seals by aligning the tab at the bottom of each seal with the notch at the bottom of the applicable seal hole. The arrow at the top of the seal should be point up. Once aligned, squeeze the seal’s sides and push in the top of the seal.

  • Before reassembling your knife, plate, worm, cylinder and adjusting ring, make sure to apply a light coat of mineral oil. Specific assembly instructions are available in a Hobart MG1532 and MG2032 Meat Grinder operation manual.

Hobart Meat Grinder Maintenance Tidbits

Regularly lubricating and cleaning your Hobart meat grinder is essential for easy operation and lengthening the lifespan of your unit. Remember these helpful tips throughout the calendar year as well:

  • Do not lubricate your motor bearings. These are sealed and pre-lubricated.

  • Annual maintenance and lubrication should be conducted on the mixing arm and worm gear cases. Make sure this maintenance is completed by a Hobart technician or service company.

Need more help cleaning a Hobart meat grinder? Check out our complete collection of Hobart manuals for the proper maintenance and assembly instructions.

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