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Globe Slicer Troubleshooting


Meat slicers are used in a wide variety of stores, restaurants and foodservice establishments. Globe manufacturers some of the best commercial slicers on the planet. In the rare case your model experiences a hiccup or two, it can slow down business significantly.

Fortunately, we have easy Globe slicer troubleshooting instructions to help you out. Below are tips for popular models, including 3600/3850/3975, 4600/4850/4913/4975 and Chefmate series slicers.

Won't Start

If the slicer isn't starting, check for the possible causes below:

  • No power – See if the slicer's power cord isn't plugged in. If that isn't the problem, check if the circuit in the power box needs to be reset or if the fuse is broken.
  • Knife cover is off – On select slicers, except C9/10/12 and GC9/10 models, the knife cover might have been removed or improperly installed. On 3600 models, you'll notice a light flashing when this occurs. Reinstall the cover and make sure to tighten the release knob.
  • Motor reset button tripped – On C9/10/12 models, the motor reset button might be tripped. Press the button underneath the machine to reset it.
  • Auto engage lever in automatic position – On 3600, 3850 and 3975 models, the auto engage lever could be in the automatic position. Move to the manual position for proper startup.

Makes Ragged Cuts

In case your slicer is making ragged cuts, look for the following:

  • Dull knife – A dull can make sliced meat ragged or uneven. Sharpen the knife, and check that the knife and stones are clean.
  • Chipped knife – If the knife is chipped, see if it needs to be sharpened or a new one needs to be installed.
  • Small knife – Refer to your owner's manual to see if the knife on the unit is too small. If so, have a new one installed.
  • Wide gap between knife & slicer table – If the gap is too wide between the knife and slicer table, contact an authorized service technician to adjust the table.

Knife Rubs Against Metal

If the slicer's knife is rubbing against metal, see if any of these causes are responsible:

  • Loose knife cover – Reinstall the knife cover and make sure to tighten the release knob.
  • Loose food chute – If the food chute is loose or improperly installed, tighten or adjust the food chute knob.
  • Defective end weight – See if the end weight is broken. If so, have it replaced by an authorized service technician
  • Slicer table out of adjustment – If the slicer table is out of adjustment, contact by an authorized service technician to adjust it.

Too Hard to Push Food Chute

If pushing the food chute is too difficult, the area likely needs to be lubricated. Use Globe Special Lubricating Oil to lubricate the slide rods thoroughly. Do not use vegetable oil or a similar alternative.

Too Hard to Sharpen Knife

If the slicer's knife is too hard to sharpen, check for the following issues:

  • Wet, dirty or clogged stones – See if the stones are wet, dirty or clogged with grease. Clean them thoroughly with warm water and brush. Once they're clean, let them air dry and lubricate with Globe Special Lubricating Oil.
  • Worn stones – If the stones wear out over time, sharpening the slicer's knife can be difficult. Have them replaced with new stones.
  • Improperly aligned stones – If the stones aren't properly aligned, have the sharpener adjusted for an authorized service technician.
  • Stones not rotating – Lubricate the sharpener is the stones aren't rotating. Make sure to use Globe Special Lubricating Oil.
  • Dirty knife edge – Clean the top and bottom edges of the knife.

Stops Running (Chefmate Series)

If the slicer stops running on select Chefmate series models (C9/10/12), the motor could be overheated. Give the unit 10-15 minutes to cool down before pushing the reset button. Then, start the slicer. If problems continue, contact an authorized service technician.

Need more help troubleshooting? Check out our library of Globe slicer manuals for additional tips and instructions.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.