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Dough Divider Cleaning & Maintenance

Dough Divider Cleaning & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on dough dividers is essential to keeping your machine in working condition. Keep making bulk dough portions with the easy dough divider cleaning and maintenance guide below. For more cleaning guides on your dough appliances, check out our resource center

Pre-Cleaning Check

  • Disconnect electricity before starting - Always ensure that any electric dough dividers are unplugged from the outlet and not connected to any power source. 
  • Gather cleaning materials - Remember to refer to your specific manufacturer’s manual on best practices and approved cleaning products. You should also make sure you have cleaning cloths and warm water to rinse and dry any components. 
  • Wear gloves - Protect your hands and make sure you have gloves on if sanitizing any part on the dough divider. 

Cleaning Tips & Tricks

  • Remove smaller components for cleaning - Take any removable parts like head assemblies, covers and dividers and put them in a sink with mild detergent and warm water. Taking out removable components will allow you to clear out any build-up that could have accumulated in the corners. 
  • Clean the divider head - Make sure you clean the divider head as this part has the most contact with dough. Some dividers can have the head removed by unscrewing the portion, making it easier to get it clean. If you can disassemble the head from the divider blades, that will help in the cleaning process as well. 
  • Clean the machine - After cleaning the head portion of the divider machine, you should give a thorough cleaning to the rest of the machine. Thoroughly wash and dry the exterior, main head and any other portions that come in contact with dough. 
  • Check for any worn/damaged parts - Routine inspection of your dough divider and the divider parts is an essential step in preventative maintenance. Check for any worn parts that might need replacing soon and replace them before they become a problem. 
  • Tighten the motor belt - If your dough divider has a motor belt, it will require tightening occasionally. 
  • Lubricate the machine components - The divider components do not need to be lubricated often, but they still will require servicing periodically. If you find that any bearings or pins are making noises while operating, it may be time to lubricate them. Make sure you check the manufacturer recommended lubricant or grease and that it’s food-grade. 

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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