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Vulcan Steamer Troubleshooting

Vulcan Steamer Troubleshooting - Vulcan logo

From veggies to fish, many restaurants and commercial kitchens use Vulcan electric or gas steamers to make delicious dishes. These units not only help retain flavor, but they also keep more nutrients and color in your food. That’s why a rare issue can really put a damper on your menu. Fortunately, our Vulcan steamer troubleshooting guide can help get your unit back at full strength quickly.

The diagnostic tips below cover C24GA and C24EA Vulcan steamers.

Not Steaming

If the unit isn’t steaming, look for the following:

  • Gas supply is turned off – Turn on the gas supply to the unit.
  • Water supply is turned off – Turn on the water supply to the unit.
  • Power switch is turned off – Turn the power switch on if it’s in the off position.
  • Door is open – If the door is ajar on electric units, it won’t start steaming. Make sure it’s sealed completely shut.
  • Cord is unplugged or damaged – Check if the power cord is plugged or damaged. If there is noticeable damage or rips, have the cord replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Excessive lime buildup – If the steamer isn’t heating or steaming properly, it could be dirty. Clean it following the instructions in your operator’s manual.
  • Burner control is fully in lockout – If the control is into 100% lockout, turn the power off. Wait about five minutes before turning the power back and restarting ignition. If this continues, contact an authorized technician to remedy.

Door is Leaking

If there are leaks coming from the doors, check for the possible issues below:

  • Damaged door gasket – If the gasket has noticeable wear or is out of position, contact an authorized technician to adjust or replace.
  • Clogged drain or screen – Clear remnants from the drain or screen.
  • Improper drain – Contact an authorized technician to remedy this issue.
  • Damaged gasket sealing surface – If the gasket is in good shape but the door isn’t sealing shut and leaking, this could be the culprit. Contact an authorized technician to repair the problem.

Steam Coming from Under the Unit

If there is steam exiting from underneath the steamer, this means the generator pressure is too high. Contact an authorized technician to resolve the issue.

Water in the Compartment

If there is water building up in the compartment, see if the following has occurred:

  • Clogged drain – Clear remnants from the drain.
  • Plugged drain or screen – Clear the remnants from the drain or screen. If this issue continues, contact an authorized technician.
  • Improperly leveled unit – Check the operator’s manual for assistance with leveling, or contact an authorized technician to remedy.

No Water in the Generator

If water isn’t being supplied to the generator, look for the following:

  • Water supply is turned off – Turn on the water supply to the unit.
  • Low water pressure – Make sure the water pressure in your facility is high enough. Contact your local water department for more assistance, if necessary.
  • Plugged water filter – Check the filter’s manual for cleaning and installation instructions. If the issue continues, contact an authorized technician for assistance.
  • Clogged valve inlet screen – If this screen clogs, contact an authorized technician to remedy.

Need more Vulcan steamer troubleshooting tips? Check out our selection of Vulcan manuals for additional help.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.